The PayAnyBiz system is a financial settlement platform that provides accelerated cash flow options and automates the processing of financial transactions among companies. Cloud based and secure, this accounting system can be used as a standalone or easily integrated into a current platform. The PayAnyBiz financial system automates most cash management functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, dispute resolution, and cash flow management.

Committed to workplace productivity and a green environment, the PayAnyBiz financial system takes the paper out of paperwork. All transactions can be performed electronically with administrative approval and access functions that are available from a desktop or mobile device.

Leadership Team

George Reyes

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr Reyes is an accomplished entrepreneur with a long track record of success beginning when he was 19 years old. He built and sold his first business for more than $1M by the age of 21. After selling this business, George moved from California to Florida and became a real estate entrepreneur, eventually building well over $100M worth of "trophy" homes in South Florida and created several successful ancillary businesses during this period. For nearly 10 years, George was associated with an Invoice, Payment and Credit business. He was responsible for bringing in over 90% of the revenue for that business while also serving on the board. When he left in early 2013, it was processing over $1 billion in transactions each year. George has listened to and spoken with hundreds of customers. Based on that feedback and his expertise, he has built a system that addresses each company’s receivable, payable and cash flow issues. In one consolidated system, he has built a one of kind business and technological solution. George is a broad gauge businessman with the ability to think strategically and execute tactically. He has a history of building strong partnerships, relationships and teams. George is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach.